Porsche creates amazing sports cars that can be enjoyed for many years when properly maintained.  Acquiring a well maintained Porsche can be very rewarding.  However, they are unique in design and we cannot stress enough the value of having them properly inspected prior to making your purchase.  We have developed generation specific inspections to address the problem areas we see with each model range.  Our schedule is always tight, but we respect the immediate nature of your purchase and will do our best to accommodate both your schedule and the seller’s.

Many shops are declining to perform pre-purchase inspections ( PPI ) while siting liability issues.  We believe providing a consistent service that is continually refined while being straight forward and honest with all parties involved minimizes our exposure to liability.  This is our chance to get to know you and for you to get to know us.  Mutual respect goes a long way toward developing a good working relationship.

To schedule an appointment for a PPI you can contact us at 408-727-0911 or email: therennshop@gmail.com